Woman Dragged Off Delta Flight After Boarding Incident in Detroit

Airport officers can be seen in video footage dragging a woman off a Delta flight Dec. 12, 2016.
YouTube screenshot

Police officers at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport can be seen in video dragging a female passenger off a Delta Air Lines flight Monday after Delta and airport officials say the woman did not follow the rules for boarding the plane, according to the Washington Post.

The passenger, who remains unidentified, got on board the San Diego-bound flight without "complying with boarding and baggage check procedure," Delta spokesperson Trebor Banstetter told ABC News.


In the now-viral video, an airport police officer can be seen dragging the passenger by her wrists, faceup, along the aisle of the plane toward the front. A second officer then grabs the woman by the ankles to help lift her to the exit.

Passengers on the plane can be heard whispering to one another.

"I think they tased her," one individual can be heard saying.

"That's some crazy [s—t]," another person says as other passengers break out into laughter.

According to the Associated Press, airport officials confirmed that charges are pending against the woman, with the case being reviewed by the city attorney in Romulus, Mich., the suburb in which the airport is located.

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