Woman Dies After Being Rear-Ended by Drunk Off-Duty NYPD Cop

Vanessa Raghubar (Vanessa Raghubar via Facebook)
Vanessa Raghubar (Vanessa Raghubar via Facebook)

On Sunday, Vanessa Raghubar, 22, of Elmont, N.Y., was the designated driver of a 2004 Honda, on her way home after celebrating her sister’s birthday, and around 4 a.m. on the Van Wyck Expressway, New York City Police Officer Neville Smith, 32, rear-ended Raghubar’s vehicle, sending it into a tree and a pole. On Monday, Raghubar passed away.


Smith was arrested two hours later and charged with vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated and refusal to take a breath test, the New York City Police Department said, ABC7NY reports.

Other passengers in the car included Raghubar’s 21-year-old sister, Maria, and Maria’s 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Harricharran, both of whom are still in critical condition.


Smith, who was not on duty at the time, has not been arraigned yet and is in the hospital because of his own injuries. Smith has been an officer for six years and was assigned to the NYPD’s 48th Precinct detective squad in the Bronx.

Smith has been placed on a 30-day suspension without pay.

Read more at ABC7NY.

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Vanguard Knight

Don’t read the comments on the linked story.

Its like it is a reflex for white people when there is a brown (edit Not black) victim and a cop involved: I have seen comments asking what the BAC was in the victims and tsk tsking asking what they were doing out at 4am.

Its fucking disgusting.