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In New Jersey, a man who displayed a photo of President Obama dressed as a witch doctor is wondering what all the fuss is about. Bill Skuby, a shop owner, says the image just represents his political position, but has removed the depiction, which was sat in his store's window, in response to criticism, reports the Daily News

"It always comes down to the race card," Skuby, 66, told of the backlash he's received.

The witch doctor picture shows President Obama naked except for a headdress and loincloth, with a bone through his nose.

"If this is racism, then it's reverse racism," Skuby told the Asbury Park Press. "I think they're as racist as they accuse me of being," he said.

The anti-Obama sign, which also reads "Obama-Care" with a hammer and sickle logo, a reference to communism, is a criticism of the president's health care plan.


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