Wisconsin Governor Recall Perplexing to Outsiders

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker testifies at a hearing. (Getty Images)

In his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, Eugene Kane writes about the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that began recently. The effort started, in part, because of his decision to eliminate most collective bargaining for public employees. Kane explains that it's hard for out-of-towners to understand how bitter things have become in the state.

… If pressed to explain the situation to an outsider, I would say the move to recall Walker is largely about the union fight but also about voters who feel duped because he didn't let them know exactly what big changes were in store for the state if he was elected.


For these disenchanted folks, it's about flexing their muscles to send a message.

And it's also a pretty democratic thing to do when you really think about it.

"So do you think recalls are good for the community?" she asked, at the end of our discussion.

I'm not sure if I'd go that far, but it does seem like an awfully good way for voters to let off steam.

Read Eugene Kane's entire column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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