In a blog entry at News One, Tamika Mallory discusses the importance of the re-enactment of the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. She calls it an important reminder of how lazy we've become about fighting for our civil rights, which are under attack by right-wing conservatives.

In 2008, first-time voters shocked the nation as they waited patiently in line, literally for hours upon hours, to cast their vote in a Presidential election that would go down in the history books. It was young people — and people of color especially — who propelled Barack Obama into office by their sheer numbers.


It was great moment. We all celebrated and rejoiced, but then did nothing. We took it easy during the 2010 midterms and watched Tea Party extremists take over Congress, and in the time since, sadly, most of us have just been sitting back not doing much. Meanwhile, conservatives and all those counting on you to stay at home have been passing voter ID laws, immigration bills and other things to help guarantee that your voice will be silenced. Because my generation and those even younger have such small attention spans, and have stopped focusing on what is really happening out here, let me remind you: Your fundamental rights are in jeopardy at this very moment. So instead of just going for self, minding your business, or just not caring, it’s time to wake up, get up off your behind and do something. There’s no time to waste.

Read Tamika Mallory's entire blog entry at News One.

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