Why So Vague, 'Obamacare' Opponents?

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Clarence Page writes at the Sun Sentinel that few conservatives in leadership positions have offered much in the way of a serious alternative to the president's Affordable Care Act.

Now that Chief Justice John Roberts has upheld President Barack Obama's health care law, the chief has fallen off so many conservative Christmas lists that some sound eager to revoke his citizenship.

They'll get over it, I'm sure. But as its opponents talk about changing the dreaded "Obamacare" — through election victories, they hope — they remain curiously vague about what they want to change it to, or whether they really want to change it at all.

For example, when Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was asked this weekend how his party would provide coverage to the nation's 30 million uninsured, he sounded like those folks had nothing to do with the debate.

"That is not the issue," Sen. McConnell told "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace. "The question is how to go step by step to improve the American health care system. It is already the finest health care system in the world." Yet, he still wants to "improve" it? Without caring about the uninsured?


Read Clarence Page's entire piece at the Sun Sentinel.

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