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Why Roc Nation Sports Should Sign Cheyenne Woods

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ARDMORE, Pa — Putting her last name and bloodlines aside for just a second, this much is clear: Just about everyone is enamored with Cheyenne Woods.


Everyone in the golf world, that is.

Let’s come back to that.

Ms. Woods made headlines when she asked her uncle a question at his press conference this week at the U.S. Open. “The U.S. Open is usually one of the most grueling weeks of golf,” she said. “So what would you do off the course in order to be at ease and relax?”


“Didn’t expect that,” Tiger said after a long pause, grinning. “Well, off the course, we have a great crew at the house and we’re going to have fun. Tomorrow, make sure you’re at the 6:30 dinner? Is that all right? Okay. Perfect. So just relax and have a good time and get away from it and when it’s time to play, it’s time to play. But overall we’re just going to get away from it and not really watch any golf. When it’s time for me to get ready, I’ll get ready.”

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