Why I Finally Started Judging Kim and Kanye

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

In part, says Shake Your Beauty's Tia Williams, because she hates the message that the celebrity couple sends to an entire generation of young black girls.

Up until recently, I've had no patience for Kimmy hate. Wayminute … I'm not saying I'm on her #team or anything, just saying that hating on her is more indicative of one's own issues than hers.  Yeah, she's boring and has negligible intelligence and is lying, just lying, about her ass and the wedding thing was [f—king] Satanic … but honestly? If you had an evil genius Doberman-ager mom who promised to turn your supernaturally stunning looks and embarrassingly slackjawed sex tape into a bazillion dollar business — would you say no?

Madame, you're lying. You know you'd be all over it. So don't judge.

And yet here I come. Judging. I don't know, yesterday I was lazily scrolling through my Twitter feed and noticed this:

@KimKardashian Rain rain go away.

A very small, benign statement that sent me careening over the edge.  Look, I know I've tweeted some dumb sh*t. But I don't think I — or any of the patently amazing women I know — would ever glance at a cloudy, grey sky and even think "rain rain go away," let alone take it to Twitter. Kim! You big dummy! This is the great wit that's mesmerized the most lauded creative genius of our time? When black women were furious about her boning all those black athletes, I couldn't have cared less. What sucks is that she bagged the genius.


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Editor's note: Tia Williams is the sister of Lauren Williams, The Root's deputy editor.

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