Essence's Paul Carrick Brunson, the "modern-day matchmaker" whose social-experiment OWN show, Lovetown, USA, premiered this week with the goal of helping to create and repair relationships of all kinds in one small town, weighs in this week with his take on a more traditional dating question: "Why hasn't he proposed?"


Check out a few excerpts from his advice (some are obvious; others, like "You are his Vegas girl," are new to us) and let us know whether you agree.

You Are Already Playing House

You live together. You have children. You share bills. You cook, clean and wash clothes. Sometimes people even assume you are married although he still tells people you're his girlfriend. You have essentially taken on traditional wife duties without the title. Why should he get married? …

You Are His Vegas Girl

I hadn't heard this expression before but once explained, I got it. Think “good time girl.” If you always get the call to hang out with him and his boys, or to accompany him on the business trip to a fun city but you don't get the invite to any company events or family gatherings, he's basically saying, we can have a good time 

He Doesn't Respect Your Boundaries

You came into the relationship saying you have rules and standards. He then broke every rule and you lowered your standards to accommodate being with him. Even worse, you never enforced anything you originally claimed you would. At this point, you have created bully material, not husband material …



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