Why Did Perry Call Herman Cain 'Brother'?

Rick Perry hugs Herman Cain. (Getty Images)

Why did Perry call Herman Cain 'brother'? Nope, it wasn't a skit by a late-night comic; it really happened. Rick Perry, who has been dogged by allegations of racial insensitivity because of a hunting camp his family leased, called Herman Cain, the only black person on the Las Vegas debate stage Tuesday night, "brother." We have a feeling this represents one of many "sometimes you just have to laugh" moments between now and November 2012.

J-Hud's book light on weight-loss advice, according to Madamenoir: I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down and Found Myself is described as a weight-loss diary that details how the Weight Watchers spokeswoman lost 80 pounds over two years, but comments from the publisher make it sound more like a memoir.


Raheem DeVaughn speaks out after peaceful-protest arrest: Loop 21 caught up with the 36-year-old singer, whose songs often raise awareness about issues of poverty and war. DeVaughn admitted that he didn't intend to be arrested when he took part in an Occupy DC demonstration.

Reciting Mexican pledge in Spanish class: "indoctrination"? Some parents are up in arms over the fact that a Spanish teacher in Texas has her students sing the Mexican national anthem and recite the country's pledge of allegiance.

In other news: Jay-Z and Buffett's Financial-Literacy Video.

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