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In a blog entry at BlackAmericaWeb, Tonyaa Weathersbee explains why racism may be the main reason Birthers are still questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship long after he released his long-form birth certificate.


… The latest person to capitalize on this nonsense is [Joe] Arpaio.

Arguably the nastiest lawman since Bull Connor — he’s being investigated by the Justice Department for racially profiling Latinos and punishing Latino inmates for speaking Spanish — he recently announced that he and his team of "volunteer" investigators have determined that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery made up by computers.

Yeah, right.

… Then there's [Gordon] Epperly, who, last month, filed a complaint with the Alaska Division of Elections saying that Obama isn't a "natural born citizen" because he is of the "mulatto race," and that the 14th amendment didn't give blacks political rights, only civil rights.

That's nothing but neo-Confederate nonsense.  

Also, last month, [Thomas] Barchfeld, a Republican, was trying to get people in his borough to sign a petition to remove Obama from the 2012 ballot. His reason? Because Obama’s father wasn't a U.S. citizen, that means Obama isn't either — and he's therefore ineligible to be president.

Read Tonyaa Weathersbee's entire blog entry at BlackAmericaWeb.

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