Why Are People So Sure Tyler Perry Is Gay?

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In a piece for Madamenoir on Wednesday, Charing Bell takes on people who insist that they "just know" about the actor and filmmaker's sexual orientation, despite reports that he is engaged to a (female) Ethiopian model and all other evidence to the contrary. It shouldn't matter, but clearly, to many people, it does. So the author knocks down the arguments, one by one:

Perry’s been dealing with the question marks about his sexuality since he and Madea sashayed from the “chittlin circuit” some time ago. Although he has not shied away from the rumors, publicly stating several times that he is in fact straight, the rumor has persisted. From the Boondocks “Paused” episode, to the infamous Michael Musto, a gossip columnist in The Village Voice, blog post in which he outed Perry, suggesting that, “His mannerisms and aura are such that everyone within a mile of his finery seems to say, “He’s a gay!” So, assuming the gaydar of millions is on target as usual, why won’t the guy come out already?”


Generally speaking, only hardcore evidence, such as a photo of Perry tonguing down a male companion or even an outright admittance, can really prove anything. Yet that hasn’t stopped folks from not only determining his sexuality for him but also coming up with theoretical assumptions as to why he is supposedly been playing straight. Assumptions that his history of hiring muscular guys for his plays and films are a sure sign of his sexuality. Or the fact that he is a very successful, single man in his forties, with no children. I mean can’t a man dress up in woman’s clothing, for entertainment value, without being gay or does the drag queen doth protest too much?

If Perry is a gay man, he sure sucks at being one …

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