NYC police are weighing charges regarding a confrontation between a group of motorcyclists and an SUV. (CBS screenshot)

Why are we so angry? Amid escalating violence in America, Don Lemon raises the salient question at BlackAmericaWeb and explores solutions.

I might sound happy this morning but I'm actually scared to walk outside of my house sometimes.

Sometimes I'm scared to log onto social media.

I'm nervous to turn on the TV.

Because I never know what kind of anger I might encounter.

Have you seen the video of the S-U-V driver who ran over several motorcyclists and then was chased down, dragged out of the car and beaten in front of his wife and 2-year-old child? That could have been any one of us driving down the street.

Or what about the teenagers who beat to death the 88-year-old veteran just a few weeks ago in Spokane?

Or the young men who shot to death the Australian baseball player in Oklahoma? And on and on.

The question is what is going on with us?  Why are we so angry? Why are some Americans so angry?

Why does a minor infraction, like someone cutting you off in traffic or jumping the line in the grocery store, many times escalate into angry words, fist throwing and sometimes even death?

Why is it that when we disagree with a friend, a loved one, a public figure or a commentator; we result to nasty name calling, bashing and threats on Twitter, on Facebook and on blogs?

It's really disgusting and it's frightening.

Read Don Lemon's entire piece at BlackAmericaWeb.

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