Nathaniel and Cleopatra Pendleton listen to President Obama in Chicago. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

African-American-owned funeral homes in Chicago and from across the nation staged a procession of empty hearses Sunday on the city's South Side to underscore the toll that gun violence is taking on Chicago's black youths, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Police escorted more than 20 hearses through afternoon traffic, causing at least one driver to stop and ask the obvious question: "Whose funeral is it?"

"It was for no one and yet it was intended for everyone," the Sun-Times writes.

Nathaniel and Cleopatra Pendleton participated in the ensuing rally, which was attended by about 60 people. Their daughter, Hadiya, was shot in January after attending festivities surrounding President Obama's inauguration.

"Think about it and find a way to get involved," Cleopatra told the crowd. "Don't let it be your child" who is the next victim.


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