Who Doesn't 'Swastika' Obama?

"Hmmm…maybe it's like Magic Eye and you have to stare at it just right."
"Hmmm…maybe it's like Magic Eye and you have to stare at it just right."

According to NewsOne, someone apparently 'swastikas' Obama and felt the need to carve that 10x10 foot message into a Lakeville, Massachusetts golf course.


We can assume this creativity is some attempt at Obama hate, but we can't for the life of us figure it out. I swastika Obama? Are the Neo-Nazi supporting the claim that Obama is indeed the embodiment of Hitler? If so, are they into that because Hitler is their boy or are they really not into it and wanted to have some fun with irony?

Maybe it's someone who sees the Nazi swastika as the ultimate symbol of hate and wants to send Nazi-level hate Obama's way, though they themselves may not be too keen on actual Nazism. That would be kind of clever seeing as people who usually adorn things with swastikas are people who really, really like it but want to instill fear and such.


Even better, the way it's carved, it ends up being a Japanese swastika, or manji, which is basically the exact opposite of what the Nazis were going for and an epic hate crime FAIL.

So maybe this is an oblique desire to send Obama some love while also being the scourge of a local country club?

The Buzz is kind of into choose-your-own-adventure vandalism!

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