Whiz Kid Named HuffPost Associate Editor

Teen phenom Myles Miller heads to the Huffington Post. (Google)

Mediabistro is reporting that teen phenomenon Myles Miller has been named associate editor at the Huffington Post. The 17-year-old, who has been called "presidential material" by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office, will be working on the website's high school vertical, featuring content from high schoolers.

Miller started as a youth reporter for Children's Press Line, where he wrote a weekly column and covered President George W. Bush's youth environmental initiatives. Miller was part of CBS' Early Show, covering the inauguration of President Barack Obama as part of its youth team.


And people say that young people are clueless! This teenager clearly isn't and possesses the skill, focus and determination needed for success on an international stage. Good luck to Mr. Miller.

Read more at Mediabistro.

In other news: Football Legend Bubba Smith Dies.

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