Laurella Willis has been walking the streets of Chicago’s South Side bearing a sign with her apology.
CBS Chicago

One Illinois woman is capturing attention as she makes her way around the streets of Chicago's South Side bearing a sign that reads, “Black America I'm Sorry!!!”

CBS Chicago reports that Laurella Willis of Blue Island has been walking about 20 miles a day with the sign, saying that she's sorry about "everything that's going on in America."

“I don’t want to continue to see black American[s] being oppressed and held down and killed like animals,” Willis, who is white, told the news station.

"I might only be a party of one, but I'm going to give you all the support I have," she added. "I don't want to hear lip service from anyone. I want action."

According to CBS Chicago, Willis is not part of any organization and has been walking the streets alone for about three days.


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