White Woman Repeatedly Calls New Neighbors N-Word During Noise Complaint

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Screenshot: Your Daily FEED PAPA

What do you call a Karen who’s so racist she can’t even argue with other white people without using anti-Black racial slurs? A white woman in Adrian, Mich., was filmed dropping the n-bomb several times while shouting at her new neighbors for being noisy.


In the video posted to Twitter on Saturday by Bailey Jenkins, one of the new neighbors who recorded the racist rant, the woman, who has been identified as Jessica Evans, according to Newsweek, can be heard telling Jenkins she should record “her man” moving furniture around. Evans then threatens to call the police because she apparently believes moving furniture late at night is “illegal.”

“You’ve been screaming since what time?” Evans asks. “You just moved in. You all are niggers makings a scene!”

According to a now-deleted Facebook post made by Evans, she claimed the people she was screaming at weren’t Black, but that she uses the slur all the same, Newsweek notes.

“I’m going to find out where you work and you’re going to lose your job,” Jenkins says as Evans walks back to her house. Evans walks back up to the camera and responds, “I get paid by the government.”

Jenkins tells Slurry Susan that she “can’t say that word,” to which Evans replies, “Really, nigger? You’re a nigger, honey,” and “Do you think because you’re not brown you’re not a nigger?”


“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jenkins asks.

“Niggers waking me up at 3:30!” Evans replies. “I’ve got a phone too. I’m using it to call the cops.”


According to Newsweek, Evans wrote in the deleted Facebook post that she “called some very white people the n-word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy.

“That’s super weird guys cuz... race wasn’t involved in this at all... black people weren’t involved... Arabs weren’t involved... just a white lady calling some meth heads the n-word because they’ve kept me up every night since they moved in.”


Yes, Bigot Brenda, that’s what’s “super weird.” How dare people associate “nigger” with Black people? Where do these “crazy racists” get their information from anyway? Literal history?


Let’s just go ahead and get one thing straight: If you’re a non-Black person calling anybody any variation (because white people still think they can get away with it if they’re not using a hard R) of the word “nigger,” you’re racist. The presence of Black people isn’t required. You’re openly and repeatedly using a word you know damn well has been used in the oppression of Black people for 400 years—you know what you’re saying and who it hurts.



That certainly is a novel take on the “I can’t be racist” trope.

I can’t be racist. I call everybody the N-word.