White Woman Loses Job for Telling Black Woman She’s ‘Not the Right Color’

Imagine having to file for unemployment because you were racist? Couldn’t be me.
Imagine having to file for unemployment because you were racist? Couldn’t be me.
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Welcome back to another installment of “You About to Lose Your Job: 2021 Edition!” Today’s story of avoidable unemployment takes us to Virginia, where a white woman was caught on camera telling her neighbor she was “not the right color.”


You can probably guess what happened next by the headline.

According to Insider, the incident took place in a neighborhood in Colonial Heights, Va. Can’t lie, the city’s name honestly just makes this feel even more racist. Laquetta Good said that the confrontation between her and her white neighbor began over an incident involving their kids. Video of the confrontation shows the neighbor yelling at Good that she was “not the right color.” When Good asks, “I’m a nigger?” the woman replies “Yes you are.” Apparently, this was not the first time Good has had problems with her neighbor.

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” Good said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “She has called me many names before, but to hear her being racist, that really shocked me.”

I wish I could be surprised that a white woman from Virginia was racist, but I just kind of assume most white people in Virginia are some level of racist until proven otherwise. Sorry to the white folks inevitably in their feelings over that, but you can’t celebrate a racist-ass holiday for over 100 years, have historically racist colleges and universities (HRCUs), and put a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall and not expect me to assume that Virginia, by and large, ain’t really fucking with Black folks like that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the video resulted in the woman losing her job at the Chesterfield Food Bank. Kim Hill, CEO of the food bank, issued a statement last Friday confirming that the woman had been fired. “We, here at the CFB, are broken-hearted to view this conduct as it goes directly against our values and beliefs. We are honored to serve everyone in need with dignity & integrity. In response to this situation, we have terminated this employee,” the statement read.

Stories like these have me continually amazed at the lack of self-awareness white people have. How, after a year of watching white person after white person lose their jobs for engaging in racist fuckery, have they not realized that racist fuckery has a direct effect on their financial wellbeing? It’s so easy to put two and two together.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Don’t be racist. There’s money in it.



totally amoral Caucasian person right there. horrible person. Working at a food bank, of all places? Was she holding back food from black people in line? “No, we’re out of cereal!” (tosses NASCAR jacket over crate..)