White Woman Caught on Camera Attacking Black Actor: ‘Don’t Record Me, You F--king N--ger’

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Hollywood Pantages
Rich Polk/Getty Images for Hollywood Pantages

Police in Reno, Nev., are investigating after a white woman was caught on camera attacking a black actor while hurling racial slurs, Raw Story reports.


Actor and singer Elijah Ahmad Lewis from Motown: the Musical took to Facebook Wednesday to describe the attack, saying that the woman punched him in the jaw and also hit him in the head.

Within the video, Lewis shared a clip he recorded of the woman who kept hurling slurs.


“Don’t record me, you fucking nigger,” the woman can be heard saying. She can be heard using the racial slur again and again.

At one point in the video, the woman appears to charge at Lewis, and the camera pans to the ground and shakes as if Lewis is being hit, though the attack isn’t actually seen on camera.

After news of the video began to circulate, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve spoke out against it, saying that “hate will not be tolerated” in the city and that police are “actively looking for the woman” in the video.


Read more at Raw Story.

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...the fuck? Is there a beginning to this story? Did she just run at him with a barrage of forearm shivers?