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White Tax Tears: Trump Voters Are Now Realizing They've Been Had

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Americans with a full set of teeth and a healthy disdain for Liam Neeson tried to warn the rest of the massive amount of dummies that Trump wasn’t for y’all, either. Of course, that didn’t stop the midwestern MAGAts from running to the polls to vote for the reality TV charlatan who had no foreign policy skills but did manage to handle both Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall on The Celebrity Apprentice, so there is that.


Now, several Trump voters are in their feelings after doing their taxes and realizing that the president’s signature tax cut plan was a really a cash grab for the rich.

From RawStory:

Even though the 2017 GOP tax cut is leading to spiking federal deficits thanks to its generous benefits to corporations, many middle-class Americans are winding up having to pay more because the bill eliminated multiple deductions used by middle-class families to lower their annual tax payments.

Among other things, the tax bill ended deductions for taxes paid to state and local governments, while massively increasing the amount of money you must donate to qualify for a charitable giving deduction.


Below is a cornucopia of white tears and regret:


Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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Total all of your loans and credit cards balances. This is X.

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The odds are pretty good that any given American is not only not rich, but probably poor or close to it. There's no valid financial reason for the vast majority of Republican voters to vote Republican.