White Supremacist Pleads to Reduced Charges After Terrorizing Neighbors With Guns

Kynan Dutton (L), Craig Cobb (R) and unidentified woman in rear
KX News screenshot
Kynan Dutton (L), Craig Cobb (R) and unidentified woman in rear
KX News screenshot

When 29-year-old Kynan Dutton joined forces with Craig Cobb, 62, late last year, they planned to set up a whites-only community in Leith, N.D. But those plans fell by the wayside after the two men were arrested and charged with felony terrorizing, following confrontations with other residents, reports say.


Now Dutton, who is being released from jail after pleading guilty to reduced charges of menacing and disorderly conduct, must testify against Cobb, who has pleaded not guilty to felony terrorizing, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Controversy erupted when Dutton moved into a home owned by Cobb, who bought 13 properties in Leith in the hopes of taking over the town, the Raw Story reports. His plan, however, was complicated by a zoning-board moratorium that prevents Cobb and his supporters from living on property without sewer or water lines, the report says.

Cobb reportedly recruited people with white-power views to help him take over the town. Leith City Councilman Lee Cook said the pair approached him holding a rifle and shotgun and stood at the edge of his property.

Cobb and Dutton were arrested in mid-November for reportedly terrorizing residents with guns.

Dutton will be on probation for two years. A conviction on one of seven counts will stay on his record, meaning he can no longer buy guns, the report says.

Cobb’s views were tested last year after a talk show host revealed that his genetic ancestry included sub-Saharan African DNA, the Raw Story reports.


Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times and the Raw Story.


Non Sleeping Giant

Are racist white people actively trying to throw off the prison counts or something? It’s like they’re just begging to be thrown in jail.