Robert Doyle pleaded guilty in a Virginia courtroom Feb. 5, 2016, to charges related to a plot to attack black churches and Jewish synogogues.

A Virginia man admitted to a judge that he planned to attack black churches and synagogues in hopes of triggering a race war.

Robert Doyle pleaded guilty Friday to several charges related to that plot, NBC12.com reports.


The FBI said it foiled the scheme, which involved two other suspects, in a sting operation.

According to federal investigators, Doyle held a meeting at his Chesterfield, Va., home in September to discuss “shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues.”

Doyle and Ronald Chaney, another suspect, allegedly tried to purchase guns and explosives from an undercover agent one month later. Authorities arrested both men in November when they tried to make the purchase.

The prosecutor accused the two men and a third suspect, Charles Halderman, of also plotting to rob a jeweler to buy the weapons.


Doyle faces up to 30 years in prison for conspiracy to commit a robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The judge will sentence him May 2.

Halderman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and will be sentenced April 25. Chaney, who has a lengthy criminal record, has not yet gone before a judge.


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