White Supremacists Take Responsibility for Racist Fliers at UMass Boston


It’s a day ending in “y,” so of course there’s some racist incident happening at one American school or another. This time, a white supremacist group has claimed responsibility for a bunch of racist fliers that were put up across the University of Massachusetts Boston campus, sending officials and students on alert.


According to the Associated Press, the university says that recruitment fliers for “Identity Evropa” have recently been posted across its Boston campus, boasting slogans such as “Protect your heritage,” “Serve your people” and “Let’s become great again.”

The fliers were quickly removed, of course. AP cites the Boston Globe, which identifies the group as associated with the white nationalist National Policy Institute.

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Winston E. Langley sent out an email to students and staff Wednesday denouncing the incident, WBZ reports.

“Intimidation of any member of our community is intimidation of all members. We stand in solidarity. If anyone sees or experiences harassment, please contact the campus police; students are encouraged to contact the Division of Student Affairs,” Langley wrote.

The incident has left some students rattled by the insinuations made by the posters.

“It has a picture of a Roman or a Greek statue. So it’s not like there is a swastika so you have to look at what they are saying,” UMass Boston graduate student Jenean McGee said. ““We’re a public institution; people should feel safe on our campus and not feel like they are getting hate speech.”


However, according to the news station, the group doesn’t see its shitty message as hate speech.

“The goal behind the campaign raise awareness of our organization and issues. Many white people are tired of anti-white rhetoric, leftist violence, Black Lives Matter, multiculturalism, etc.,” Reinhard Wolff, director of administration of Identity Evropa, said, according to WBZ.


The group said it was not bothered by the fact that its posters were removed and said that it plans to put up more.


Read more at WCVB and WBZ.

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never nude

A couple of weeks ago there was a post on Deadspin about Brady and his refsual to comment on Trump. In the comments, I tried to tell people Boston isn’t as much of a liberal safe-haven as it seems (I’m black and I live just outside Boston proper.)

Naturally, lots of massholes decided to inform me that Boston was indeed a safe haven — unwittingly proving my point of course.

I’m not saying that Boston is as bad as the South, but I (and we all should) refuse to to move the goalposts on what is an acceptable amount of racism.