White Students at Baltimore Private Schools Caught Wearing Inmate and ‘Freddie Gray’ Costumes

Private school kids behaving badly (WJZ-TV screenshot)
Private school kids behaving badly (WJZ-TV screenshot)

Allegedly, racism is the purview of po’ white trash. You know, those uneducated bastards who love monster trucking, Paula Deen biscuits, Confederate flags and “Lock Her Up” T-shirts for a quick run to the Piggly Wiggly. These folks have more guns than teeth (dental benefits seem to have a direct correlation with how many times one says “MAGA”) and basically live in a basket called “deplorables.”


But we know that is not true. Those obvious racists are simply a fabrication of the liberal imagination to absolve them of their guilt and complicity in white supremacy (I mean, yes, there are some dedicated racists in the South, but they aren’t the only ones).

At this point, I hope we’re all clear that racism pervades all aspects of American life, social strata and economic classes. Yet, it still galls a bit when rich white kids, the ones who are highly educated and supposedly the best and brightest, show their natural white asses to the masses (i.e., social media).


Of course, Halloween is a time where they just let loose with it, and in Baltimore, that was the case when more than a few private school students donned offensive costumes for several Halloween parties, including one kid dressed in a costume labeled “Freddie Gray,” the 25-year-old black man who had his spine nearly severed in a police van, and whose death sparked riots in their very city.

Not one, not two, but three Baltimore-area private schools have released statements about their students acting like racist fools after several “racially insensitive” pictures of students in Halloween costumes were shared online over the weekend (five schools are allegedly involved).

In one of the photos, two white students appear to be dressed as inmates captioned with the word “nigger” and saying that they “broke out.” Another shows a teen dressed in an orange inmate jumpsuit with a label that reads “Freddie Gray,” captioned with the words “ur going to jail tonight.” And, not to be outdone, in another photo, there appeared another white kid without a shirt on and the word “nigger” as well as swastikas drawn on his back.


WJZ reports that the boy and girl in the photo captioned with “broke out” are juniors at Roland Park Country School and Gilman School. The person in the Freddie Gray jumpsuit is a former Boys’ Latin School student. And the boy without a shirt is a student at St. Paul’s School.

But in an ultralight beam of goodness, the person who gathered the photos and posted them on Facebook is reportedly a student at Mount Saint Joseph High School.


In a joint statement released Monday, the Gilman School and Roland Park Country School said: “Know that we take any situation involving our students seriously, and this is no exception. Please understand that many involved in this situation are minors and we respectfully remind you of this as we work through the details.” The statement also clarifies that the racist captions were not written by students at either Gilman School or Roland Park Country School.

Again, more whitesplaining the “minors.” When black 12-year-olds like Tamir Rice are shot down and left to die on playgrounds, nothing happens except that the child and the child’s family are smeared.


St. Paul’s School has also released a statement:

St. Paul’s School does not tolerate any form of hate or discrimination. The school is investigating an incident that occurred off campus and outside of school hours, and will take the necessary and appropriate steps. Privacy policies do not permit us to provide any further information. We remain committed to fostering an inclusive community whose members respect themselves and one another.


Read more at WJZ.

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I absolutely hate when they use the “they’re minors” defense. I was a minor who did stupid things. None of those stupid things every involved racism. There’s no excuse for doing some racist BS.