White Pride Graffiti Found in Illinois Park Days After Anti-Racism Resolution Passes

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2020 is really shaping up to be a banner year for white folks being absolutely trash. It seems as though every week throughout this hell year we are provided with yet another example of the violence, entitlement and sheer hatefulness the Brads, Chads and Karens of this country are capable of.


The Chicago Tribune reports that racist graffiti was found spray-painted on a Naperville Park District partition that separates Cantore Park from Welch Elementary School. The words “White Pride” were painted on the partition along with racist gang symbols. The graffiti comes only days after the Naperville City Council passed a resolution that states the city “denounces all acts of racism, intolerance and unlawful discrimination and will not tolerate them of any kind.” The partition has been covered until the graffiti can be completely removed.

“At no time and in no way is this behavior condoned. We have made great strides as a community in recent months to address this head-on, and we have more work to do. Cases like these can be solved when the community and the police work together.” Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said in a Facebook post regarding the incident. Naperville police chief Robert Marshall released a statement saying that his department is currently investigating the crime. “Spray painting phrases like ‘white pride,’ gang symbols, and other inappropriate phrases is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Marshall said in his statement.

Members of the Naperville community have also spoken out against the racist graffiti. Naperville Neighbors United is a group of Naperville residents that promotes discussions on racial issues and has a focus on inclusion. The group released a statement saying it “strongly denounces the hateful symbols,” and details its support for the anti-racism resolution passed by the city.

This is only the latest in a series of racist incidents to occur in Naperville. Last November, a group of black customers at a Buffalo Wild Wings were asked to move because a customer didn’t want to sit next to black people and within that same month a student posted a “slave for sale” ad on Craigslist with a photo of a black classmate.  

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