One of the “white power” messages seen marked in snow on a car on Calvin College’s campus in Michigan

Students at Michigan’s Calvin College were greeted by fresh snow Monday morning, only for the winter wonderland to be marred by “white power” scrawled into the fresh snow on several cars on campus, Talking Points Memo reports.

College President Michael K. Le Roy on social media slammed the messages, calling them “hateful, racialized and profane.”


“This morning we woke up to hateful, racialized and profane statements that were written in the snow on several cars on campus,” Le Roy wrote on Facebook, according to TPM. “Hateful acts such as these violate the image of God in all people, exhibit the sin and brokenness we experience in human community and have no place at Calvin College.”

Le Roy promised an investigation on the campus, adding that he would update the community as more is discovered. 

Student James Li also shared a photo that was taken outside one of the school’s residence halls Monday night, showing the message, along with a swastika, marked into the snow-covered window of a car.

The incident at Calvin is only the latest in a spree of seemingly racialized attacks and incidents that have been sweeping across college and university campuses in the U.S. ever since the fallout following racial issues at the University of Missouri, which led to the university president’s resignation. 


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