White Man, Furious That Jack in the Box Employee Wouldn’t Accept Coupon for Free Burger, Threatens to Send Her ‘Back to Mexico’

In this video footage, an irate white man is seen threatening a Jack in the Box employee, identified as Maria.
Screenshot: Lupita Rangel

Today in white bros doing racist shit, a furious customer at a Texas Jack in the Box restaurant was caught on video threatening to send a female employee “back to Mexico” because she declined to accept his coupon for a free burger.

According to an eyewitness, the white man apparently couldn’t deal with the fact that the employee asked him to wait so that she could verify a coupon for the free burger, sending Mr. Entitlement spiraling, KTRK-TV reports. 


“She told my son no. She lied her ass off. She thought she could get away with it,” the man told a black employee who tried to intervene.

“Hey, you are going to get fired,” the man continued shouting. “What’s your name?”

When the employee’s name was revealed to be Maria, the man continued his threats.

“Goodbye, Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico,” the customer taunted.

The news station reports that the eyewitness who posted the video on Facebook was shocked that she had experienced “racism so close.”


The woman, who goes by Lupita Rangel on Facebook, told the news station that her 9-year-old daughter was afraid as she saw the incident unfold, adding that she had to explain to her daughter “why these things are happening.”

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