White House Doctor: Trump Is Overweight and Has High Cholesterol, but His Mental Health Is Fine

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

White House doctor Ronny Jackson, the white doctor with the inherently black name, conducted the president’s physical late last week, then conducted a full-on question-and-answer period with the press to address how physically fit and awesome the president believes himself to be.


After the White House released a statement in which the doctor’s name was spelled wrong—the press release indicated that the doctor’s name was “Ronnie,” when his name is “Ronny”—and knowing that the president’s food pyramid has KFC in its top slot, many didn’t believe reports that the oldest president in history with the diet of a 13-year-old skateboarding teen was in excellent health.

Well, Dr. Ronny Jackson says the rumor is true: The president eats a ridiculous amount of fried chicken. And despite having high cholesterol and being overweight by a few pounds, the president, who weighed in around 239 pounds, is in excellent health, the doctor said. Jackson also noted that Donald Trump voluntarily took a cognitive assessment to judge his mental reflexes, and he passed with flying colors.


“The president is mentally very sharp,” Jackson told reporters, USA Today reports.

Jackson said that he wants the lazy-ass president to do more than play golf and eat crazy amounts of junk food and troll America on Twitter, and noted that doctors set a reasonable goal of Trump losing 10-15 pounds this year.

“He’s more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part,” Jackson said.

The doctor added that the president was already taking a drug to reduce his cholesterol and that the dosage may be increased.


Read more at USA Today.

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