David Paterson is gonna run for governor of New York. Why should he let objections from the leader of the free world—or supreme dictator for life, depending on how you voted in November—stop him? From Reuters:

"I am running for office," Paterson told reporters at a Manhattan parade. "I'm not going to discuss confidential conversations," he said, adding that he planned to continue focusing on matters related to the financial crisis.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the Obama administration is worried Paterson's unpopularity could drag down New York's Democratic members of Congress and the Democratic-controlled state legislature in November 2010 elections.

Citing an administration official, the Times reported that Obama's request that Paterson step aside was put forward by his political advisers, but approved by the president.

The newspaper quoted another administration official as saying: "Is there concern about the situation in New York? Absolutely." That official said the concern had "been conveyed to the governor."

A "New York Democratic operative with direct knowledge of the situation" also confirmed the request had been put forward, the newspaper said, adding that the operative described Paterson as being "resistant" to the idea.

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Not to get in your business, governor…but when your approval rating's at twenty percent and the Democratic president thinks the idea of you running could be so potentially damaging to the party that he takes time away from the economy, health care reform and Kanye West to have his people get at you, you should think about taking a hint. Just saying.