White Guy Spits on Black Girlfriend After Her Bizarre Request for Slavery Role Play

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I don’t judge what anyone else does in their bedroom, but some of y’all are out here really whylin.


Take for instance interracial couple Kenneth Atkins and Ashley Edwards, who according to the Smoking Gun, got into a lover’s quarrel over Atkins’ refusal to partake in some rather questionable role play.

From the Smoking Gun:

The Florida couple was in their Bradenton home late Tuesday evening when Edwards wanted to “role play” with her boyfriend.

Specifically, Edwards, 35, told cops she wanted to play “slave and slaver because she is African American and he is Caucasian,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Atkins, however, “did not wish to partake” in the proposed slave/master role play and he became “verbally aggressive.” During the argument that ensued, the 37-year-old Atkins allegedly spit in Edwards’s face.

So pretending to be a slave owner was out of the question, but spitting in his girlfriend’s face was within reason? Umm, OK.

Atkins denied any wrongdoing when police arrived on the scene at around 11 p.m., but despite Edwards’ refusal to provide a sworn affidavit, her boyfriend was arrested for misdemeanor battery and has since been released.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Atkins’ first brush with the law, as the Smoking Gun notes that the 37-year-old has previously been knocked for grand theft, narcotics possession, burglary, and a myriad of other offenses.

Atkins is scheduled for arraignment on Sept. 9, but considering he’s still allowed to engage in “consensual contact” with Edwards until then, let us hope and pray that they leave the questionable role-playing in the past.

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You know what? Fuck that shit. If someone goes through something traumatic or they are predisposed to depressive episodes or trying to find a way to deal with stressors, and they cope with drugs, alcohol, compulsive eating/not eating, or compulsive sex, that person feels better afterwards. But that doesn’t mean that shit is healthy or good for you. And somehow along the way people have become intellectually dishonest in an effort to be NO KINK SHAMING. The same way you should probably think about and examine why you just have a “preference” for white/light skin women and those dark black bitches are ugly loud and uncouth. You should probably think and examine why you just happen to want a white man wrapped in MAGA gear to spit, beat, and then fuck you.