White Dude Yelling During the National Anthem About Abortion and Supporting Republicans Isn’t Kicked Out of Cowboys Game

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In case you missed it, during the playing of the national anthem before the Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game on Sunday in Texas, a man yelled about the need to support Republican candidates in the midterms, as well as about stopping abortion.


It happened in “Jerry’s World,” the colossal stadium that is home to the Cowboys and owned by billionaire Republican and Trump-supporter Jerry Jones—the man who announced to the world this summer that if any of his players dared to take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice he would cut them.

Given those strong words, how was the white man with the “stop abortion” sign handled? Was he quickly escorted out of the stadium and told to never return? Um ... no. Instead, he reportedly got to return to his seat and enjoy the Cowboys third victory of the season.


So, let’s recap: If you are a black player who feels so disturbed by racial injustice that you quietly, peacefully take a knee during the national anthem, you are so disgustingly un-American you have no business being a part of “America’s Team.” (You should know the Cowboys backup quarterback sucks and Jones would rather risk a losing season if Dak Prescott gets hurt instead of signing Colin Kaepernick, whose style is similar to Prescott’s—meaning the offense would not have to change much to accommodate Kaepernick.) But if you are a white Republican yelling during the anthem, as everyone around you stands at attention, you get to keep your seat.

Got it Jerry. We understand your priorities quite clearly.

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