Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson, the white candidate who implied he was black and won a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, denied accusations that he deceived voters. 

"Since this was a heavily African-American district and my opponent is African-American, I wanted to keep race out of it," Wilson told ABC News.

Wilson won the election, which took place last week, by a small margin, about 26 votes, ABC reports.

He used campaign fliers featuring photographs he found online of African Americans. Some fliers read, "Endorsed by Ron Wilson," which may have led some voters to think he had the approval of a former state representative, an African American, who goes by the same name. In fine print, though, it was "clear" that he meant his cousin in Iowa.

"My cousin doesn’t have a problem with it," Wilson said, according to the news site.


The anti-gay conservative told ABC that he hasn’t heard any protests from voters and looks forward to deal with the "waste, mismanagement and corruption" in the community.

"The only people that have complained that I deceived them has been Bruce Austin and the liberal media," he told ABC. "Not one voter has complained about being deceived."

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