Whistling Dixie: Race Barriers in Post-Obama South

Rep. Artur Davis wants to be the first Black governor of Alabama, a feat not easily done considering…he's Black and it's Alabama. Oh, and he's the only Black house member who opposed health care reform. From Politico:

"Never a favorite of the state’s Democratic establishment, Davis has come under fierce attack from Joe Reed — for years the most influential African-American in Alabama politics — for being the only black House member to oppose health care legislation. Reed savaged Davis as a political opportunist who opposed the bill to curry favor with the state’s conservative-leaning white majority.

Davis’s vote showed that “because he is now running for governor, he is looking out for himself and not the people,” Reed wrote in the newsletter of the influential Alabama Education Association, where he’s a top official. He added: “You cannot curse Bubba and Cooter, Big Man and June Bug in the daytime and beg them at night.”

Davis shot back this week that Reed “believes that a public official’s race matters more than his capacity for independent judgment.”

“He believes that a black American who holds elected office must follow a certain path or be inauthentic,” wrote Davis in a statement."


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