Whew! The Stimulus Package is Approved


Well, it finally happened.  Congress approved Obama's $787 billion dollar stimulus salvation.  I'm no political analyst or economist, but any amount of money, however packaged, could help out what I see as a deterioriating America.  Right?  In the last week, two friends lost long-term jobs, my downstairs neighbors—newlyweds—had to break their lease; a good friend was evicted for his inability to dish out another $1500 a month for a one-room apartment, and my writing cafe, usually manned by four workers, has been razored down to the sole owner who is doing his best.  Not to mention the increase in people begging for change.  And I don't mean standing on a corner and shaking an empty paper cup; I'm talking about walking up to you and asking for money.  But what's crazy is not one Republican voted in favor of the stimulus.  What gives?  Does the idea of saving the economy, by any means necessary, ruffle their feathers that much?  Maybe if these Republicans would step out of their conservative bubble for a week and live with "real people" they'd see now is not the time for a idiotic conservative sit-in, it's time to save some lives.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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