When Molly Met 'Vonne-y: Yvonne Orji Has Hilarious Sit-Down Interview With Her Insecure Character

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Season Four of Insecure was not the best for Molly Carter. Fans of the show took to the Twitter streets to discuss how poorly Issa Dee (Issa Rae) was treated by her lawyer best friend, and Yvonne Orji—the now-Emmy-nominated actress who portrays the fictional character—often found herself having to explain that the show is not real and that she is nothing like the woman she plays.


So, the Momma, I Made It comedian and her Insecure co-star Jay Ellis concocted a brilliant idea for Orji and Molly to have a sit-down interview, in order to finally put the madness to rest. In the clip, uploaded to Orji’s IGTV on Tuesday, the duo meets for the first time and have a heart-to-heart about whether Molly is a good friend, why fuckboys may be a good thing and so much more.

After noting that Orji cut her hair in order to differentiate herself from the Insecure character, the two discuss the hordes of hate hurled at Molly this season.

“They can miss me with all that hate…sticks and stones, sticks and stones,” Molly dismissively says of her detractors, who Orji notes are mostly members of Black Twitter. Molly has no idea what that is and asks if Black Twitter is a “group” like the Black Panthers.

“I really think it’s funny how people forget how loyal of a friend I’ve been, people don’t remember Malibu?” Molly asks. “Daniel showed up at the mixer. Who was there to run an interference?” She also says that Toni Childs from Girlfriends is a worse friend than her because she has the word “child” in her name. Makes enough sense, if you ask me!

Shortly after, Orji says that she has a few “fan questions,” because hey, who knows? Molly may have some fans hiding somewhere. The first question was “Out of all the guys you dated on the show, who would you bang, marry, kill?” Molly says that she would bang Jared, affectionately known as “Enterprise Bae,” marry “Asian Bae” Andrew because she believes “[they] would have a good life together,” and would kill Dro by stabbing him—in the face.


“We thank God for the ‘f-boys’ in our lives because they send us to therapy,” Orji quips, before asking if Molly is still regularly attending her therapy sessions (she is).


As their time together comes to an end, Orji surprises Molly with a few parting gifts. The first is her Jesus & Jollof podcast co-host Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ New York Times’ bestseller I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual, a pop art portrait of Yvonne/Molly (whichever stews your peas) done by Melissa Falconer, and bottles of ‘dat bubbly.

This is something that has to be seen to be enjoyed thoroughly. We’re glad the two have a kinship now that we’re sure will last a lifetime. (I mean...I’d hope so, since they can bond over that Emmy nod.)


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Pronounced "Jay-nuh."



Molly is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite character in Insecure. I always want her to win, but sometimes (okay, often!) she is her own worst enemy. I always admire her drive, directness, and determination. She makes or breaks any scene she is in with a glowing smile or a withering glare. Yvonne Orji’s HBO special was amazingly hilarious and full of insights into how her culture informs her humor.

In Insecure, Molly is ALWAYS in the latest of fashions, which is refreshing to see, and at the same time, very LA. She is a very deep character, but her struggle is with appearances and artifice, it seems. I am really glad that there was a whole story arc this season between her and Issa working the bugs out of their relationship, which will hopefully set them up for an even more interesting follow-up season, whenever La Rona allows for taping.

I know a few Molly-types personally, and professionally, so seeing an idealized version of them in this show is a window into understanding them better. I cannot emphasize how much I loved this clip, and I hope that Yvonne keeps it coming with her special blend of wit and humor.