When in Doubt: 'Ask a Muslim'


If you've ever wondered why Muslim men grow their beards, why Muslim women conceal their bodies or if you aren't quite clear what Sharia Law is, there's a simple way to find the right answers instead of drawing your own conclusions: "Ask a Muslim."

In a Web series presented by Black Public Media and the National Black Planning Consortium, black Muslims respond to the most common and most candid questions people have about their religion and culture. Although African Americans form 40 percent of the native-born U.S. Muslim population, they are often left out of discussions about Islam in America.


The six-part series features Muslims who are scholars, writers, cultural observers, Imams, political figures and, of course, everyday people with plenty of inquiries. It is directed by filmmaker Idris Abdul-Zahir along with Ra'id De Veaux and Qasim Rashad.

The inaugural episode, "Burqas & Beards," aired on Aug. 7 and answered questions about why Muslim men wear "dresses" and why women sport scarves on their heads.

For all episodes, visit the Black Public Media website. Watch the trailer here.

Watch the first episode below:

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