When Boredom Hits an Old Racist: Trump Hate Tweets About Bubba Wallace and NASCAR’s Ban on Confederate Flag

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What is a racist to do when he doesn’t have any news to throw gasoline on the racist fire he keeps lit? Well, bring up some old news, that’s what.


On Monday, the president of people whose biggest burden in life is feeling muzzled by a hospital-grade mask decided that life was moving along a little too smoothly, so he elected to tweet about NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace and the whole noose incident from 400 years ago.

Because this is what happens when a racist president is losing his grip on the White House, he starts Kanye-ing himself into relevancy. You know, stirring up bullshit so that he can get his name back into the top Twitter trends.

That’s the only reason I can think of that the president would unearth this old-ass story to chastise NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag and drum up the whole Bubba Wallace noose situation again. If you don’t recall because the news is so old, Wallace, a Black NASCAR driver, led the charge to get rid of Confederate flags at races. Someone in Wallace’s camp noticed a noose hanging in his garage and reported it to NASCAR officials. NASCAR then deemed that it wasn’t a noose, but rather a garage pull that was fashioned to look like a noose...because fashion. They also found it wasn’t a racial incident because it was done months earlier. Didn’t matter that Wallace is Black and he was the only driver whose garage pull was made to look like a noose.

Seriously, look at this shit:


Which, for the record, is a fucking noose. I just got off the phone with the president of kNots Our Only Safety Efforts, or N.O.O.S.E, who told me “Hell yeah, that shit is a noose on the loose in the caboose with a tooth.” Only a Trump supporter would go through the twist and turns to make this a garage pull or whatever they called it. This noose is the nooseiest.

Prior to NASCAR’s investigation of the incident all of the racers stood with Wallace and even walked next to his car in “show of solidarity,” the Hill reports.


This was Trump’s first time saying anything about the incident because he was saving it for a racist downtime when he could use it to try and get the fire going.

Trump “spent the Fourth of July weekend delivering a pair of speeches that lionized monuments and statues and decried those who sought to vandalize them or tear them down, and he has threatened to veto a massive defense policy bill over the inclusion of an amendment that would change the names of military installations bearing the names of Confederate leaders.”


This is white America’s problem, which they are going to have to atone for, but first, they just need to speed him up on the news so he can stop bringing up old shit.

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This is just going to get worse. As November gets closer, Trump will become completely unhinged.

This election will be one helluva show or a violent reckoning.  Ni modo.