Let’s be clear, the black vote is crucial in each and every election. And as history has shown, when it comes time to vote, black women get the job done.


“The black woman’s voice is, in fact, the black vote,” said political commentator Symone Sanders. “I know the political apparatus or many folks in the media just woke up to the prowess and the power of black women. But to be clear, there is no blue wave in 2018 without black women.”

November marks the 2018 midterm elections in the United States. With black women like Stacey Abrams and Ayanna Pressley running, we hope to see history made before our eyes.


“This midterm election is monumentous, it’s monumental, it’s massive, and it’s a must. We’re all at risk, we’re all under fire, all under assault here politically,” said history-making director Ava DuVernay.

As The Root staff writer Anne Branigin noted, black women have transformational power. Just look at Alabama—you’re very welcome, Doug Jones.

“Black women always show up. So it’s not even a question. You need to ask the white women who didn’t show up last time what they’re doing,” said DuVernay.

The Root took to the Black Girls Rock! red carpet to ask your faves about the importance of the black woman’s vote. See the entire video above.


Black Girls Rock! airs Sunday on BET.

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