Beyoncé at the inauguration (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News)
Beyoncé at the inauguration (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News)

Writing at Clutch magazine, Danielle C. Belton says that her reaction to the news that the singer didn't sing the national anthem live at the inauguration was "So?" Here's how she categorizes those who had more to say about the incident.

DID YOU THINK: This is a historic day! And President Obama will never be inaugurated again! Even he had to look back and soak all that in. She couldn't even be bothered to sing live! Like, it's not about you, Fakeyoncè.

YOU ARE: A Traditionalist. You get upset when people don't keep it real all the time. You also might be at that point where Obama lovers and Beyoncé haters meet and finally agree on something.

DO YOU THINK: This was so unprofessional. No one has ever done this before, lip syncing at such a historic and important event, and of course Beyoncé did that because that's so typical of these new artists today. All ego. No discipline. Hell, she even did a song called "Ego." It's like it's all about themselves and booty shaking and pop-pop-pop-pop-that-coochie and singing about being single when yo' ass is married. What's that about?

YOU ARE: A Purest. You're also probably a stan for people who don't sell very many records. NOT-THAT-THERE'S-ANYTHING-WRONG-WITH-THAT! I thought Ciara's last album was pretty not horrible and greatly prefer hipster British R&B artists that you've never heard of because I liked them before they were cool. Just sayin'.

DO YOU THINK: So what if your voice cracks because it's cold outside, Betrayoncè! Kelly Clarkson sang live and killed "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," so it couldn't have been that damn cold.

YOU ARE: A Kelly Clarkson fan …

Read Danielle C. Belton's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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