What We’re Talking About This Weekend

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Get Your Drink On: Saturday is National Hydration Day

Nothing is more important for your body than water. Saturday is National Hydration Day, so drink up!


Keep a bottle of water by the bed and start sipping as soon as you wake up. It sets a good habit for the day. Have a glass of water before every meal. Drinking water can help reduce your appetite and aid digestion. Water enriched with molecular hydrogen, like H Factor Water, and dissolvable tablets that can be added to water, like HydroTabs, have shown promise in scientific studies at doing more than just hydrate the body more quickly and effectively than regular water.

What’s interesting about pure hydrogen—the “H” in H20—is that studies show it converts harmful free radicals in the body into water. Why is this good for us? High concentrations of free radicals have been linked to cancer. Besides, athletes report higher levels of stamina and faster recovery after drinking hydrogen-enriched water. I can’t think of a better or an easier way to get your glow up. #Hydrated.

World Cup Style

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The world is at play! Sports bars are packed, and friends and family are huddled up on the couch, hip to cheek, as World Cup soccer games hurtle toward the championship conclusion. Cool, cute and relaxed are the rules of fashion for spectators. I think a lot of collabo gear, outside of the official uniforms, can be kind of corny, but Boohoo and Pepsi scored with a two-piece soccer-style tracksuit. #FashionGoals.

An African American in Paris: Virgil Abloh Debuts Louis Vuitton


Virgil Abloh, the first African-American designer to be named artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, debuted his line in Paris on Thursday. His appointment does just as much for Vuitton, in terms of adding his invaluable cool factor to the fashion house’s pedigree; it’s an infinitely marketable asset that will turn into cold cash for Vuitton. Score one for ending cultural appropriation: Abloh’s position as head menswear designer puts a black man in control of making and marketing—not to mention profiting from—the streetwear aesthetic invented by hip-hop culture. #BlackDesignerWinning.

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