What the Hell Is ‘Unapologetically White’?

NewsJunkieJon via Twitter
NewsJunkieJon via Twitter

I’ve seen people on social media say they were “unapologetically Keisha,” or “unapologetically black,” but I’ve never been down with the “unapologetic” movement. Not because I think it’s a groupthink catchphrase, but because I have no idea what it means. I’ve never had anyone come up to me and ask me to apologize for my race or my name. Also, it’s a groupthink catchphrase.


As a matter of fact, I’m probably “apologetically black,” because, in my most honest moments, unfettered by the societal implications of class, race and social status, I must admit ... I kinda feel sorry for white people. Not all white people, but I imagine it must be hard going through life not recognizing downbeats and thinking paprika is spicy.

Yes, I am apologetically black.

But apparently some people in St. Joseph’s, Minn., have been repeatedly forced to apologize for their whiteness because USA Today reports that posters saying “Unapologetically White,” “End White Guilt” and “We Have a Right to Exist” popped up around town on Wednesday. The posters are all branded by the St. Cloud State White Student Union, although the college says it is not a registered organization on campus.

However, the organization has a Facebook page named St. Cloud White Student Union and describes itself as such:

You know what? I’m not even mad at the St. Cloud State White Student Union; I’m just confused. Apparently, I have been spending my time in the wrong places because I’m never around when people gang up to oppress the populace of ecru-colored martyrs.

I was involved in the Black Student Union while I was in college, but I’d love to attend a White Student Union event. Do they play pinochle like we play spades? Do they discuss how hard it is being white in Minnesota surrounded by so many other alabasterians? Are their field trips to kale farms and HWCUs? Do they throw an off-step show every year for the fraternities and sororities?


Once, at a Denny’s around 3 a.m. in Goose Creek, S.C., while watching a 52-year-old white dude mop up a drunken white sorority girl’s grits-vomit, I wondered what kind of crazy Caucasian hijinks he was involved in that led to waiting tables during the graveyard shift at a pancake restaurant, when he has every societal advantage and privilege. I mean, he was white! The throw-up girl wasn’t even with me, but as I watched him roll that canary-yellow industrial mop bucket filled with water the color of disappointment and bad decisions, I said a silent prayer for that waiter, and then I told him I was sorry.

Like I said, I am apologetically black.

The St. Cloud State Student Union Facebook page seems to be disliked by most people, and the college and the city of St. Cloud have condemned the posters. Not because they are racist, but because the signs violate the town ordinance against stapling things to telephone poles. What would they expect from those thugs?


But for the record, I stand with the White Student Union. Someone has to do it. I can’t imagine having control of the media; every part of the local, state and national government; the education system, the banking system, the economy; and politics and the entire damn country and still feeling sorry for myself like a 6-year-old who can’t get an ice cream cone because he’s already eaten too many cookies. Poor white people. It must be so hard being that fragile.

I apologize.

Read more at USA Today.

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I don’t know when it happened, or if there was a meeting, a referendum, or whatever, but at some point in American history, the English, French, Dutch, etc. living here in America decided to solve their differences by acknowledging the single thing they have in common, being White. Centuries of political, social, and religious differences were washed away, or at least made significantly less important, by simple agreeing that their mutual skin pigmentation would allow them to work together to make America great...ish. No matter how poor they are, or how uneducated, at least they were still White and as such would never be at the lowest level of American society.

You can still see it today, when new immigrants from Europe come here, they inexplicably learn to adapt to the unspoken agreement that whatever they were before, to be successful here, you need to be White. Married to an “Unapologetic” German, I see her frustration when she meets other Germans who feel like she is outing them by trying to speak their native tongue to them. They look at my wife with an expression that seems to ask, “You didn’t get the memo did you?”, even some of her friends have come to America, cast off the “shackles” of their German heritage to bask in their new whiteness. It goes without saying that my wife doesn’t fuck with those folks anymore, but it does show that being “unapologetically” White is nothing but a slogan trying to advertise something White people already agreed to a long time ago.