What Our Readers Would Say to Dr. King


For our "What Would You Say to Dr. King?" contest, we asked you what you would tell or ask the fallen civil rights leader if you could spend one evening with him. We received some amazing responses, and the answers below were the best of the bunch. Check out the winning responses below:

From bpfleming:

If I was in the room with Dr. King on the evening when he gave his last speech, I would have asked him, “Dr. King, with the hatred stirring up in those who oppose what you stand for, each one of these speeches could be your last. What if the generation after you unappreciatively walks into the dream that you’ve prophesized and risked your life for? Would dying for this still be worth it?”


From jsacklyn:

Would you do it all over again? Or would you have sought economic empowerment first for your people?

From mrsladycam72:

Dr. King, we don't have a lot of time. I am from a time and place much different from this, and yet identical. I was sent to tell you that yes, you have made a difference. There was a reason why you were allowed to go to the mountaintop; as this hour grew near He knew your faith would be tested and that you would need reassurance that your work for Him has not been in vain. There are dark days ahead, but because of you and so many others on this journey the progress and changes that will be made [will] change not only small towns, but the world. Some of this you already know and were able to see; what you did not see is that your words will be taught and shared around the world to accomplish His goals. Yes, Martin, this is your valley of the shadow of your death, you need not fear. Tomorrow will be overrun with confusion, hatred, pain, but I am to tell you that all YOU will feel tomorrow is peace, peace like you have never felt before.

From Pfunk:

I would say to Rev. MLK:
How can I thank you that we can eat in any restaurant and stay in any hotel our money can afford?  
How can I thank you that we can be gainfully employed and work side by side with our white brothers and sisters?  
How can I thank you that my 73-year-old mother got to see a black family in the White House before she passed away?  
I will try to thank you by keeping your legacy marching on.  
I will try to thank you by getting the people out to vote.  
I will try to thank you by not allowing my kids to take the rights they have today for granted.  
I will try to thank you by standing up against injustice whenever it rears its ugly head.  
I will try to thank you by encouraging the young brothers to pull up their pants and have respect for themselves and others.  
I will try to thank you by stressing the importance of an education to our youth.  
I will try to thank you by remembering that your work is still not complete and that we must continue to keep on pushing!


From Azure D. Osborne-Lee:

I would ask him something simple. I'd ask him what he loved best. I'd say, "Dr. King, what was your very favorite thing?"


Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

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