What Kind Of A Person Cuts Funding For Battered Women's Shelters?!


Economic stresses often lead to more frequent abuse and in particular, more violent abuse. As tempers rise this form of abuse becomes all the more dangerous – and increasingly frequent. Already, the state of Rhode Island has recently seen a 25 percent increase in felony-level domestic violence crimes.

Domestic violence cases have also risen in states like Massachusetts, Florida, and others across the country.


As states rush to slash budgets, victims end up with fewer opportunities to contact programs for help, attend support groups, or get away from their batterer.

If you don't know by now the state of California is so broke it ought to be standing outside of the state lines of Washington begging for change.

Admittedly, now more than ever does the state government have to pinch its pennies and eliminate funding to programs that eat away at its budget.

However, of all of the programs to cut, why eliminate all funding for domestic violence shelters?

Although the state Legislature of California submitted a budget with a 20 percent reduction to the $20.4 million the state provides to agencies that offer domestic violence services, Gov. Schwarzenegger slashed the funding by 100 percent this week.

For groups like Catalyst, which rely on state funding to cover nearly 35 percent of its operating budget, this is a severe blow to their program.


Executive Director Anastacia Snyder told the Oroville Mercury-Register, “We're still in shock. We were bracing for the 20 percent cut, but did not believe the governor could, with a clear conscience, cut 100 percent of funding for services that keep women and children safe and alive.”

With all due respect to Governor Schwarzenegger, we all don’t grow up as bodybuilders, nor do we each come with a stunt double. What person in good conscience could cut funding for all domestic violence shelters?


This is what happens when you vote in an actor with no government experience to head the state. Time to pump him out of office.

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