Occupy Wall Street protesters (Getty Images)
Occupy Wall Street protesters (Getty Images)

Michelle Singletary, in her Washington Post/Bloomberg column, gathers a series of comments and commentary from around the Web as she tries to understand the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement. She, like many others, remains unclear about what will appease them. 


"Dear 1%, we fell asleep for a while. Just woke up. Sincerely, the 99%."

Those were the words on a sign held by one of the demonstrators participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement.


But what do the protesters really want? That's a question many analysts and pundits are debating.

"I'm not quite clear on what defines success for these protesters," Huffington Post contributor Demetria Irwin writes. "What makes one decide to de-camp? A particular bill? A particular election? Is there anything that could be done right now-ish that would take the protests down a notch or in a different direction?"

CNN contributor Douglas Rushkoff wrote a scathing piece on those in the media who are casting the protests as "random, silly blather of an ungrateful and lazy generation of weirdos."

Read Michelle Singletary's entire column at the Washington Post/Bloomberg.

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