What Can Romney Possibly Say to the NAACP?

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BlackAmericaWeb's Michael H. Cottman writes that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's flailing attempts to connect with black people will likely just continue when he speaks to the civil rights organization in July.

Romney is the worst kind of politician: he's a political shape-shifter: He tries to transform himself into the audience that he’s speaking to at the moment.

Last month, for example, he told a group white blue-collar Southerners that he now likes "grits," but said he's never eaten grits on a regular basis — if at all.

So what can Romney say to NAACP delegates to persuade African-Americans to embrace his candidacy?

Probably nothing — but that won't stop Romney from trying.

"I think we all know that 90 percent, if not more, of blacks are Democrats and will vote for President Obama," Tara Wall, Romney's newly-hired African-American adviser told Urban Faith.


Read Michael H. Cottman's entire piece at BlackAmericaWeb.

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