What Blacks Can Learn From Iran

photo credit: BBC
photo credit: BBC

I have to honest.  I envy the protestors in Iran.  I envy their relentlessness.  I envy their willingness to put their lives on the line for democracy even after Iran's Revolutionary Guard has recently warned against it.   I'm not advocating for violence or death, but I do feel black Americans can re-learn a thing or two about the power of unflinching protest.  I don't mean so much about our present government.  I like Obama, love him, and I am more than thrilled by his commitment to reshaping this country into a place for all.  However, I do believe certain issues in this country remain tragic and unresolved.  I'm talking about the murder and/or imprisonment of black men, educational drop out among African Americans, HIV among black women, the regressive representation of blacks in the media, and the amount of guns and drugs in our neighborhoods.  It is my opinion that these issues amount to one big dehumanizing disaster.  One that deserves national protest and international outrage.  I guess I'm feeling two things today.  I'm moved by the Iranian people's impulse to stand up against political and social lunacy.  I'm also numbed by black America's unwillingness to pull themselves from the armchair and scream out against the dismantling of our communities.


Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.