Wendy Williams Brings Personal Experience to 'Love Triangle' Gig


The blogosphere is buzzing that self-proclaimed Queen of All Media Wendy Williams says she is the perfect host for the game show network's Love Triangle because of personal experience with juggling men. Showbiz Spy reports that Williams, 46, admits to having been involved in a "love triangle" before settling down and becoming a wife and mother. She acknowledged that she dated two men at the same time while single and that it was "easy" making it work.

Love Triangle features men or women involved with two people; Williams helps them choose one. The talk-show host says that the program "is an adult show" and she doesn't want "to hear about an 18- or 21-year-old being in a love triangle." She's more interested in "that 35-year-old who's been seeing two people, sleeping with both but neither one knows about each other."

Classy. We're not sure how this show differs from Jerry Springer or Maury Povich — perhaps there will be fewer wrestling matches — but this sounds like more of the same, which is rare with Williams. We're not hating the player or the game show in this case, but her rise to fame has been because of her willingness to go where others have not gone. This show clearly does not reflect that.

Besides, Williams tells all of her business on her talk show, so this tidbit is obviously a ploy to get people talking about the new show, especially since she was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. Clearly it's working.


Read more at Show Biz Spy.

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