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Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude

Welcome to The Root Institute 2021

This year we convened some of the Black community's brightest minds to help set the agenda for Black America's future
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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Root Institute, now in its second year, is a virtual, collaborative conference exploring socio-political, cultural, and entertainment topics to advance the agenda of Black Americans, as exemplified by the current state of race relations in the US. The virtual event uses its platform to amplify leading Black voices discussing how to solve trending issues, provide tangible solutions, and setting the agenda for Black America’s future.

The Root Institute 2021: A Special Message from President Joe Biden

Culture & Wellness | Entrepreneurship/Tech/Careers | Entertainment | Politics/Social Justice

Culture & Wellness

What learnings can we take away from our ancestors, Generation X, and the renewed focus on HBCUs? How does the past help us lean into a promising new future? We’re talking to thought leaders who are tapped into the heartbeat of our culture to discuss how we can use these learnings to create lasting change.

The Root Institute: HBCUs—the Legacy, the Now, the Future

The Root Institute 2021: Retracing Our Steps, Preserving Our History

The Root Institute 2021: Generation X Are the Original Influencers


Is your mind on your small business? Are you looking for ways to tap into the new tech and cryptocurrency revolutions? Does the workplace still have relevance for Black women? In these discussions, we look for ways to advance ourselves in financial, entrepreneurial and corporate workspaces as we seek to deepen our understanding of these worlds.

The Root Institute 2021: Cryptocurrency and The New Creator Economy

The Root Institute 2021: How Black Women Will Change the Tech World

The Root Institute 2021: Black Women, Are We Thriving or Simply Surviving the Workplace?


How can we use art to encourage activism? There are myriad ways the worlds of entertainment and media can be energized to educate, uplift, spread joy, and engage us around the issues that impact our communities. Featuring discussions with bright young minds like actor/activist Yara Shahidi, we break down what a powerful tool storytelling can be and how, when executed well, how art can change the world.

The Root Institute 2021: A Fireside Chat With LaChanze

The Root Institute 2021: A Fireside Chat With Yara Shahidi

The Root Institute 2021: Storytelling Is a Revolutionary Act

The Root Institute 2021: Media Coverage and the Black Community

The Root Institute 2021: Does a New ‘Black Renaissance’ Mean We Can Be Critical of Our Art?

Politics/Social Justice

Voter Suppression. Police and Prison Reform. The Attacks on Critical Race Theory. How A Mission Becomes a Movement. So many issues are swirling around us right now, impacting on our very lives while a pandemic looms. In these intimate, insightful conversations, we offer thoughtful discourse to help make sense of it all while looking towards the future of Black America.


The Root Institute 2021: Tarana Burke’s New Memoir Unbound Retraces the Birth of a Movement

The Root Institute 2021: Defund, Abolish or Reform? What to Do About Police and Prisons

The Root Institute 2021: A Master Class in Grassroots Organizing

The Root Institute 2021: Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory