Wednesday's Headlines


NO: So…Dave…You're the Mayor of Detroit Now

BET: Man Throws Infant from Car; Buzz Hates Due Process

ESPN: Usain Bolt Back Training; Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay Sad

CNN: Roland Martin Reminds Deadbeat Dads that They Aren't Tight

DB: Does Kanye West Dress As Though He Likes Fishsticks?

BSP: Chris Brown Turns 20, EVERYONE Clamors to Give Him Birthday Punches

PCO: Correspondent's Dinner Might Really Pop Off with Obama in Office

HP: Who has the Black Political Humor Baton? David Alan, Put Your Hand DOWN!

BV: Musician, Activist Marl Young Dies

J&J: Post-Racial = Sweeping Old Ish Under the Rug, Crippling the Disenfranchised

BET: Detroit to Elect Someone Willing to Be the Mayor Today

BH: Suspect in CA Editor's Slaying Headed to Court

IPS: Apparently, Race Doesn't Just Mean 'Black': Obama Urged to Sign Native Rights Declaration


BBC: Nigeria's PDP Wins Disputed Election; Only a Few Receive 'A Knock on Their Heads'

AJE: Chad to Sudan: 'You Licked Off Shots at Us and that Wasn't Cool, Bro'

AJC: 1964 Act Shouldn't Guard Groups Since Racism Doesn't Happen to Groups (Right?)

DMR: Iowa Black Leaders to Discuss Same-Sex Unions; Only One Part of the Preceding is Strange

PRN: McDonald's Celebrates Gospel Music (While Keeping the Hood Obese)!

Front Page: The Lindy, and 'Frisco and Foreclosures, OH MY!

Views: Our Takes on Moms, Vlogging while Black, the other other MJ and more

Blogs: Rootitian's Ball. Peep Game.

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